Today's best photos: from devastating drought in Afghanistan to Kankurang in Gambia

'The National' selects the best pictures from around the world

Rice drying

A farmer drying rice in Huaian in China's eastern Jiangsu province.

Mini Squid Game

A girl wearing a costume from Netflix's Squid Game poses near a model of the giant doll 'Younghee' from the series, on display at a park in Seoul, South Korea. Reuters

Kankurang in Gambia

A boy runs away from men dressed as Kankurang during a ritual procession in Bakau, Gambia. The Kankurang rite was recognised in 2005 by Unesco. Despite his fearsome appearance, the Kankurang symbolises the spirit that provides order and justice and is considered a protector against evil. He appears at ceremonies where boys are taught cultural practices, including discipline and respect.

Horse shadows

Horses cast shadows on the ground in a field in Swillington, West Yorkshire, in the UK.

Autumn at the Four Seasons

Tony Newton tends to the Four Seasons garden as it bursts into autumnal colour at his home in Walsall, West Midlands, in the UK.

Somalian migrant in Poland

A girl from Somalia sits in an ambulance as she crosses the Belarusian-Polish border from Siemianowka, Poland.

Updated: October 26th 2021, 1:28 PM