Today's best photos: Pakistani labourers to Indigenous Peoples' Day

'The National' selects the most stunning pictures from around the world

Indigenous Peoples' Day Ceremonial Celebration

The Pumawari Tusuy group performs for the crowd gathered in the park at the first Annual Indigenous Peoples' Day Ceremonial Celebration in Newton, Massachusetts. October 11 is a federal holiday to mark Columbus Day, but the day was also officially recognised as Indigenous Peoples' Day following a proclamation by US President Joe Biden.

Election results celebrated

Supporters of Moqtada Al Sadr's movement celebrate after preliminary results of Iraq's parliamentary election were announced in Baghdad.

Rescuers release flood waters

Rescuers dig a spillway with an excavator to release flood waters, after heavy rainfall at a flooded area in the city of Jinzhong, in China's northern Shanxi province.

Durga Puja festival

People visit a makeshift pandal made with wood, metal and bamboo under the theme 'Unrestricted' by artist Susanta Paul, during Durga Puja festival celebrations in Kolkata, India. Bengalis all over the world will be marking the Durga Puja festival, representing the victory of good over evil and the celebration of female power, from October 11 to 15, 2021.

A man walks past baskets at a wholesale market that was shut during a Maharashtra statewide strike, after people were killed in clashes when a car linked to a federal minister ran over farmers protesting against controversial farm laws in Uttar Pradesh earlier this month, in Navi Mumbai, India.

Liberation of Athens anniversary

Tourists take photos of the presidential guards after a ceremony on Acropolis Hill in Athens, Greece, commemorating the 77th Anniversary of the liberation of Athens from Nazi occupation in 1941-1944. The Greek capital Athens was liberated on October 12, 1944.

Duck in Russia

A fallen leaf covers the breast of a duck during a sunny day at the Ostafyevo park in Moscow, Russia. Temperatures exceeded 13°C in the Moscow region.

Updated: October 12th 2021, 12:50 PM