Photo essay: The Dubai company producing sustainable diamonds in a laboratory

Shaping the future of the precious stones, 2Dot4 is creating environmentally friendly luxury products

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2Dot4 is a company producing lab-grown diamonds. Founded in Dubai in 2022, its primary focus is on creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly luxury products.

The name, 2Dot4, refers to the way diamonds transmit light, indicating the company's dedication to producing diamonds with clarity.

The team is made up of 38 people, including five founders, engineers and six employees with PhDs. Speaking to The National, Roger Kylberg, chief executive and managing partner of 2Dot4, says that the team of founders decided to open their company in Dubai because of its geographic location, its capacity for diamond trading and because it is a centre of innovation.

“It's a good place to recruit talent. People are very positive to come to this region. You have the sun and it's close to many different places. We recruit engineers and [process hazard analysis] people from Europe or stone polishers from India,” Kylberg says.

“It's extremely important to be transparent. It's extremely important to be reachable and communicate the generation, especially since we are talking to generations who expect to see everything with 100 per cent transparency.”

The price point, compared with natural diamonds, also plays a vital role in changes within the industry, says Arnaud Flambeau, executive chairman of 2Dot4.

“It's a beautiful product. I started the company because I was in the natural diamond for 30 years [but] you can be bolder, wider when you make designs. For a reasonable price, you get top quality diamonds,” Flambeau tells The National.

“It's a product that is good for the planet, it's sustainable ... our technology can help to keep this beautiful stone around the neck or arms [of customers], and that’s fantastic for me.”

Updated: November 18, 2023, 9:48 AM