Woman who broke up with boss is abducted and assaulted, Dubai court hears

The manager of the company allegedly only agreed to free the woman after she promised not to break up with him

A saleswoman who broke up with her boss after finding out he was married was abducted, assaulted and forced into signing a paper saying she owed the man Dh150,000, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

Records showed that the Uzbek woman, 32, began working at a marine equipment company owned by the 40-year-old Palestinian man in June last year.

"Shortly after, we fell in love, but a few months later I discovered that he was married so I told him we need to each go our own separate ways and that I will resign, but he refused my resignation," said the saleswoman. She also told him she would move out of her flat that he was paying for.
On November 21 last year, the woman filed a complaint against her manager for refusing her resignation and not cancelling her visa.
"At around 5pm that same day, I received a call from a Sudanese supervisor, 35, in the company informing me to meet with him so he could hand me a copy of the visa cancellation," she said.
The woman said that when she met with the supervisor, she got into his car and he locked the doors and drove away. The supervisor then stopped to pick up another man, a 25-year-old Egyptian man.

She told the court that the men beat her in the car until she fainted. When she awoke, she found herself blindfolded, gagged and handcuffed.
"They kept me in a boat store that belonged to the company where the manager came and threatened to kill me if I broke up with him. He then forced me to sign a document saying that I owed him Dh150,000," said the saleswoman.
Several hours later, the woman was freed after promising not to break up with the manager. He then took her to the flat she used to live in.

“I started sweet talking him into giving me back the flat keys and promised that I won’t leave him so he gave me the keys,” the woman said.

“A few hours later, he left. I made sure he was gone then I fled,” she said.

The beaten woman went to a hospital where she told doctors what happened so they reported the incident to Al Qusais police station.
Police arrested the two men who allegedly abducted and assaulted her then summoned the manager for questioning.
Two men, the Sudanese supervisor and Egyptian man, who also worked at the company, were charged with physical assault and aiding and abetting the manager.
The manager was charged with issuing death threats and obtaining a debt statement under force.
All three were charged with locking-up the woman.
In court on Sunday, the manager failed to show up while the two others attended court and denied all charges against them.
The next hearing is scheduled for March 21.