Woman tied up by gang who forced their way into her flat, Dubai court told

On January 31 this year, the woman heard knocking on her front door and when she opened the defendant, along with a number of other men, entered her flat in Naif. They said they were police and needed to search the apartment.

DUBAI // A woman, 57, was attacked and tied up by a group of men who barged into her flat pretending to be officers, a court heard.

A 19-year-old Iranian, who was arrested 10 days later, ­denied theft in court.

The woman said that on January 31, she opened the door to find the defendant and several other men, who entered the flat in Naif after telling her they were police and needed to search the apartment.

“They started searching and I told them I would call police if they didn’t leave and one of them slapped me several times,” said the Chinese victim, who was then dragged into her bedroom and tied up and gagged using her clothes.

“They then covered me with a blanket, struck me on the chest and snatched my ­mobile phone.”

The woman managed to partially untie herself to find Dh2,500 in cash, her keychain and an iPhone missing.

“The woman was standing in the street with her hands still tied behind her back when we arrived,” a policeman said.

The defendant told police they were there to pick up items belonging to a friend who used to live there.

“He said the Chinese woman locked them inside and demanded they pay her Dh1,000 to hand over the items, so they were forced to drag her away and leave,” said an Emirati police lieutenant. A verdict is expected next month.


Published: September 20, 2016 04:00 AM