UAE weather: Visibility warnings as foggy conditions continue

Coastal temperatures to peak at 29°C

Fog continues to affect parts of the country Wednesday morning, with some internal and coastal areas experiencing visibility less than 500 metres.

A reduced visibility warning issued by the National Center of Meteorology is in effect until 11am this morning.

Fog was reported over Al Ain, Al Maktoum Airport, Al Dhafra and Qsyoura between 4 and 7am, according to NCM.

Fog is also forecast for some areas of the Northern Emirates. In Abu Dhabi, the fog was much less intense compared to the conditions of the last few days when the emirate was cloaked in a blinding cloud.

The NCM also issued a fresh winds and rough sea advisory for the Arabian Gulf that is in effect until 10am.

Otherwise weather conditions across most of the country later today will be fair to partly clouds and hazy at times with temperatures peaking to 31°C inland, 29°C along the coast and 24° in the mountains.

Updated: December 27, 2017 01:12 PM