UAE police help reunite brothers after 20 years apart

Police help German visitor find his brother who is a teacher in Al Ain

Long-lost brothers have been reunited after more than 20 years thanks to police who helped track down one of the men who was a teacher in Al Ain.

Kamal Issa Khalil, an Arab man with German nationality, had contacted police in Al Ain asking for help to find his brother - Kamel - after the pair had lost touch more than two decades ago.

Although details of the man’s whereabouts were scant, Mr Kamel was found after police made contact with his daughter through her bank.

The family has since been reunited at the police station and have had lots of catching up to do.

“The Falaj Hazza police station received a humanitarian appeal from the visitor Kamal Issa Khalil, asking for help in searching for his brother Kamel Issa Khalil,” said Brig Gen Musallam Al Ameri, director of the Al Ain Police directorate.

“He had lost contact with him for more than 20 years, after losing his contact details while moving between countries.

“The man only knew that his brother lives in the United Arab Emirates in Al Ain.”

Brig Gen Al Ameri stressed the importance of the humanitarian and social aspects of the role of police in the country.

“Abu Dhabi Police is keen to respond to and assist humanitarian cases where possible in order to maintain family cohesion and happiness,” he said.

Mr Kamel thanked police, praising the high humanitarian approach authorities take in the Emirates.

“I have worked in the country since 1971, and decided to stay and live in the UAE for the benefit of my family,” he said.

“Because of the sense of security and stability here, I want to spend the rest of my life in the UAE.”