UAE family matters Q&A: No inheritance for widower of different religion

A reader asks if she can leave the country if her ex-husband refuses to cancel her residency visa.

I am a Muslim man who was married to a Christian woman. My wife passed away, leaving assets in the UAE. Can I get shares in her assets in the UAE and how much would my share be?

Article 318 of the UAE Federal Law No 28 of 2005 – the Personal Status Law – states that “there is no inheritance if religions are different”. Therefore, unfortunately, if you were to approach the court for a share in your late wife’s assets, the judge would not grant you your request due to the article of the law.

I am an Asian Muslim woman and I want a divorce from my husband. However, I do not know what I should do about my residence visa, as my husband sponsors me and he is refusing to cancel it. Should I leave it like that? I am scared that it will result in an immigration ban.

You need to bear in mind that, after divorce becomes irrevocable, your ex-husband will not have the right to sponsor you anymore anyway. Therefore, once you’re divorced, you should be able to cancel your residence visa by filing a request with the immigration authorities, along with a copy of the final divorce decree.

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Published: September 14, 2016 04:00 AM