UAE September fuel prices: petrol and diesel to increase marginally

Cost of Special and Super rises by two fils per litre, and diesel rises by a fil

A motorist refuels a car in Abu Dhabi. Prices are set to rise in May. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National
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Petrol prices in the UAE will marginally increase in September, ENOC announced today.

Here's the breakdown:

• Super 98: Dh2.59 a litre (up from Dh2.57 in July)

• Special 95: Dh2.48 (up from Dh2.46)

• Diesel: Dh2.64 (up from Dh2.63)

Since the start of the year, the price at the petrol pumps has been steadily increasing, despite a blip in July.

Fuel prices were liberalised about two years ago, so they now move with the market.


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