RTA gets serious about Metro abuse

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority say a number of people have been fined and a lengthy list of rules is posted inside stations.

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DUBAI // The Roads and Transport Authority is tackling Metro passenger infractions, announcing yesterday that a number of people had been fined and posting a lengthy list of rules inside stations. The code of offences lists 31 clauses with fines ranging from Dh100 to Dh2,000 (US$545). "Through publishing this code, the rail agency aims at regulating the Metro conveyance and identifying the elements engaged in riots and sabotaging acts, or tampering with the stations and the Metro," said Peyman Younes Parham, the director of marketing and corporate communication department at RTA. "Hence the rules are meant to bolster the safety of public properties."

The largest fine is for needlessly operating safety systems such as emergency exits. Other fines include Dh500 for damaging, sabotaging or tampering with the systems, equipment and seats, and for using fraudulent passenger card. Passengers found sleeping in Metro shelters or prohibited areas are subject to fines of Dh300, and anyone parking vehicles in the Metro park-and-ride facilities for more than 48 hours could be fined Dh250.

There is a Dh200 fine for riding without paying the prescribed fare, failing to present a passenger card on demand, using another person's card, using an expired or invalid card and selling a card without a permit from the RTA. Spitting, littering or smoking on board or within public transport premises, and boarding vehicles while carrying dangerous materials such as weapons, sharp objects and inflammable materials can also attract a Dh200 fine.

Finally, there is a Dh100 fine for causing inconvenience to other users, using the lifts or escalators in an inappropriate manner, climbing or jumping over public transport facilities and failing to abide by instructions stipulated by the RTA and displayed on the directional signs. The authority said on Wednesday that 26 people were fined Dh200 each after being caught travelling in a gold-class carriage with only a silver card.

Another 28 riders were fined Dh200 each for using the wrong carriage - for example, men riding in the women's and children's class. Seven Dh100 fines were handed out to people caught eating or drinking on the trains. There were also Dh100 fines for putting feet on seats, smoking and failing to produce a fare card. pmenon@thenational.ae