Police in Dubai and Abu Dhabi aim to put the brakes on reckless 'boy racers'

Warning issued over deadly dangers of high-speed racing and drifting

Police in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have joined forces to send out a warning to motoring menaces putting lives at risk by turning the streets into a race track.

Senior police officers in both emirates have vowed to take a zero tolerance approach to high-speed drivers taking part in illegal street races, who place fellow road users and pedestrians in danger and make themselves a noisy nuisance for residents.

Four people were killed and one injured in Al Ain earlier this month after a collision between two modified cars that were racing on the road.

Police regularly send out safety warnings over the potentially deadly dangers of drifting and racing on roads and highways.

Now the Abu Dhabi and Dubai forces have launched a new awareness campaign in an effort to reduce illegal driving in residential areas and on highways.

Many 'boy racers' modify their cars and cover their number plates to take part in street races.

Brigadier Salem Al Dhaheri, of Abu Dhabi Police, said those caught out driving in a dangerous manner face being hit with a Dh2,000 fine and having 23 traffic points put on their licence, as well as having their cars impounded for up to 60 days.

“Alternative penalties will be applicable in some misdemeanours, including the cleaning of public streets as community service instead of imprisonment,” said Brig Al Dhaheri.

He said that anyone could out publishing footage of illegal racing on social media will also face police action.

Dubai resident Nina Milner told The National "it is a nightly occurence" for some people living in the city, while Rebecca Platts said she had "seen the tyre tracks to prove it".

Colonel Juma bin Suwaidan, of Dubai Police, called on parents to monitor their children and ensure they are not flouting the law.