An abandoned car in the Al Reef area of Abu Dhabi. Christopher Pike / The National
An abandoned car in the Al Reef area of Abu Dhabi. Christopher Pike / The National

Motorists who dump their cars face fines of Dh3,000

ABU DHABI // More than 4,300 vehicles were abandoned on the capital’s roads this year, 3,000 of which have been impounded.

Abu Dhabi Municipality said 4,311 were discarded, and urged the community to assist in protecting the city’s appearance.

It is cracking down on abandoned vehicles left in car parks, outside villas and elsewhere and has launched an awareness campaign. “We are keen on educating the public about the importance of curbing such uncivilised practices and showing compliance in this regard,” a municipality spokesman said.

Notices placed on abandoned vehicles allow a grace period for owners to remove them or keep them from accumulating dust.

If no action is taken, the municipality impounds the vehicle.

Law No 2 for 2012 on maintaining the public appearance, health and tranquillity in Abu Dhabi is applicable to all vehicles, including trailers and boats. They are subject to removal to the vehicles impounding area at Al Wathba.

Offenders can face a Dh3,000 fine, but once they report to the municipality, a settlement can be offered that includes payment of 50 per cent of the fine.

For a second offence the fine is doubled and daily impounding fees are applied, depending on the type of vehicle and the area from which the vehicle was removed.

Since the start of this year, the municipality has impounded 3,282 vehicles. Offences reported about the remainder of the vehicles have been rectified, either by cleaning or removal.


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