Tipping the right people for the right services

The service industry requires that you should serve your customer well so that they will come back, refer your business to others and when they are happy you give a tip to the staff.

November 19, 2009 / Abu Dhabi / Tipping November 19, 2009. (Sammy Dallal / The National)
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Regarding Staff forced to quit as the tips dry up, March 22: Restaurants and petrol stations belong to the "service industry". The service industry requires that you should serve your customer well so that they will come back, refer your business to others and when they are happy you give a tip to the staff. The government in this scenario is not helping the service industry; it is killing it softly. Suta De Bastos, Dubai

I fail to understand the logic behind this issue. If the hotel was not getting any benefit and all the service taxes which were charged earlier were given to the wait staff, then why do the hotels need to increase the prices in the menu? And, if the hotel is charging more, then they can always increase the salary. I think this is just a gimmick to say that the wait staff is going to move out of the country as they are not getting the "extra" amount. Secondly, now that customers are not charged the service tax, then many, like me, do leave a good tip behind. So that tip should be shared among the staff. Why do the supervisors and others need to take a share of this? Aisha Lakdawala, Abu Dhabi

It's been common practice here for managers or others in higher positions to either keep wait staffs' tips or give them a small percentage. I've always tipped good service, as it's part of our culture. However, when there's a service charge, obviously I would not tip, as it's assumed those employees would receive it. I'm not about to pay a service charge and leave a tip. The problem is, as stated, those tips are not given to those who work for it, or are deserving of it. Greedy managers line their pockets instead. Disgusting! Chris M,Abu Dhabi

Plain and simple: restaurants taking tips from employees is theft from the customer and the employee. It should be prosecuted. Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

I always tip, unless the service was really shoddy. However, if tips are taken by the manager, then it's the company's fault. There is no point in blaming customers or the authorities for something the restaurant management seems to be solely responsible for. Mohammad M, Abu Dhabi

This move by Dubai needs to be applauded (Unprecedented action over Damas is a strong deterrent, March 22). This is the only way trust will come into doing business in this young country. Lately, I have observed a move to getting things right in many fields, including business, law and services. Keep it up and this will be a fabulous place. Jochen Sautter, Paris/Dubai

I recently read The meat-free way to a healthier planet, March 22, and found the article to be quite insightful. Ms Amanda Hamilton pointed out that a reduction in our meat diet would help save the planet. If everyone were to eliminate meat from their diet at least one day out of the week, that would dramatically help our planet, too. This article is important and hopefully more people stumble onto it to learn more about another way to help our planet and civilization continue to survive for thousands of more years. Travis Volkmann, San Jose

With respect to Au revoir, coq au vin March 22: my own bitter experience with one restaurant in the Dubai Marine Beach Resort resulted in a standoff with the manager. I asked whether any of the dishes in their buffet contained alcohol, and was informed that indeed some did and some didn't, but no one seemed quite sure. After much debate with a very unhelpful and obviously irritated staff, the manager told me I was the first customer to complain about a lack of labelling, hinting that perhaps my questions were not important enough to be addressed thoroughly. I was so dumbfounded at her nonchalance that I have been deeply suspicious of all restaurant food in Dubai ever since. I understand the argument that "food will now no longer taste the same", but perhaps the restaurants have only themselves to blame for their cavalier attitude? Harris Irfan, Dubai

Dubai is passing through a testing phase. Investors are closely watching it. Dubai has to be very clear which direction it should go; either make a full stop of all activities which are against religion, or allow them in a purpose-built area. Radha Krishna, Dubai