Security beefed up at Living Legends after fights and complaints

DUBAI , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES , AUG 14 – 2017 :- View of the villas at the Living Legends residential area in Dubai. ( Pawan Singh / The National ) Story by Nick Webster
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A tense atmosphere hung in the air at Living Legends at the weekend, with residents eager to see the end of a standoff between construction contractors and security staff employed by the developer.

Owners of about 200 villas there have experienced problems with gaining access to newly-built villas.

Master developer Tanmiyat Global, has since beefed up security at the complex, with close to 60 guards now on shift at any one time from two separate companies. It came after fights broke out between on-site workers from contracting company Delta Emirates and security staff.

It is also installing number plate readers from August 20 to bar access to unauthorised vehicles. It is not enough to reassure residents like Frederic Paille.

“I don’t feel safe at all,” he said.


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“I’ve seen men climbing over walls to access the villas. We have real concerns about security.

“We don’t know what will happen, the whole resident’s committee is worried about the situation. The police have been here on many occasions.

“There was a delay getting water and electricity, and the street lighting is poor. There is construction material everywhere and the streets have not been cleaned properly.

“It is dangerous for our children, mine are 9 and 12 so they are vulnerable. I am going on vacation, so I have made arrangements for a neighbour to watch my villa whilst I’m away.”

Yasir Fareed, customer relationship manager at Tanmiyat, said the issues have put new owners in unnecessary conflict with his company, but they are doing all they can to help reassure residents.

“This harassment is happening with many of the new owners, but we are doing all we can to support them as well as we can,” he said.

“We have called the police – but the new owners were just told to lodge a complaint with the police station.

“They could see there were 300-400 labourers surrounding the villas. Then the threats against the new villa owners increased.

“One woman was surrounded by nearly 200 labourers, it was intimidating and she was panicking."

Delta Emirates said almost all of its labourers will be off-site this week.