Pair deny insulting Dubai airport employee, saying he started altercation

Britons in dock for allegedly using foul language against Emirati airport inspector but they say the latter grabbed one of the travellers by the neck for no reason.

DUBAI // Two Britons accused of insulting a Dubai airport employee denied the charge and claimed the worker was aggressive towards them.

Prosecutors told Dubai Court of Misdemeanours that on May 4, the two landed at Dubai International Airport and when asked by the Emirati inspector to have their luggage checked, they used foul language.

“They waved their British passports and said that I could do nothing to them,” the inspector said.

The men told the court the inspector approached them for no reason and dragged one of them by the neck.

“I had done nothing wrong. He just came straight at me and dragged me by the neck,” said one, while the other nodded at the judge.

“You did not say any word of insult that might have provoked him to hold you by the neck?” the judge asked.

“No, your honour, we did nothing,” the defendant told the court.

“He was the one who started saying we thought we were better than others with our British passports and that if we thought that he could not touch us, being Britons, then we were wrong.”

They told the judge that if the court checked security camera footage, it would confirm their story.

The men also requested that the court summon the plaintiff and question him.

A verdict has been scheduled for September 29.

Published: September 14, 2016 04:00 AM