National Day bootleggers arrested, say police

Several men have been charged with selling liquor from cars decorated with UAE flags during National Day celebrations.

SHARJAH // Police have arrested two men they say sold alcohol illegally out of their cars, covering the vehicles with UAE flags and colours to avoid suspicion.

Officers were notified that the two Indian men, who were not identified, were selling alcohol in Sharjah Industrial Area 13.

Police then formed a team to track them down, a spokesman said.

The two were found pretending to be taking part in National Day celebrations, he said.

Their Toyota Prados were decorated with the country's flags, colours and pictures of Rulers.

But inside were large amounts of alcohol for sale, police said.

The two confessed to selling and promoting alcohol in the emirate, contrary to Sharjah's strict laws, which forbid its sale.

The emirate has been the site of several bootlegging wars, especially in industrial areas and labour camps such as Sajja.

Brig Humaid Al Hudaidi, the police director, has warned officers are taking a hard line against bootleggers this year.

The men will be referred to Public Prosecution.

Published: December 7, 2011 04:00 AM