Motorist spat on manager over parking argument, Abu Dhabi court hears

The parking manager said the defendant insulted and spat at him after he told him he must move his car

ABU DHABI // A motorist is appealing against his sentence for spitting on and insulting a parking manager who told him to move his car.

F F, an Emirati, said he worked as a section head on the site where the argument occurred.

“The parking security guard knows me so he let me in to park my car, as he usually does,” said F F at the Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

After he parked his car, he was walking away when the the parking manager, also an Emirati, followed him and told him he was not allowed to park there.

F F said: “He then spat at me and said he was from the Al Qubaissi family and his tribe can do this and that to me.”

F F denied that he spat back at him or insulted him.

“I just said to him ‘I can buy you and sell you,’” he said.

The parking manager contacted the police and accused F F of verbal insults.

F F is appealing his conviction and fine from the Court of First Instance.

A verdict will be announced on May 14.

Published: May 7, 2014 04:00 AM