Men who conned owner out of Dh850,000 Porsche using royal link are jailed

DUBAI // Two men who acquired a Dh850,000 Porsche 911 using fake documents and posing as partners of a member of the royal family were sentenced to three years in jail each on Sunday.

Dubai Criminal Court convicted an Emirati businessman, 36, of forgery, use of forged documents, issuing a cheque that later bounced and of unlawfully obtaining the 2016 car. An Egyptian business partner, 38, was convicted of aiding and abetting. Both men denied all charges in court in January.

They approached the owner of the car in July last year and told him that they were business partners of the royal family member, who wanted to buy the car.

After striking a deal, the duo handed the owner a cheque for Dh850,000 then headed to the Roads and Transports Authority to change the ownership of the car. They submitted several forged documents, including a letter from the royal’s office with his signature and stamp.

“I was not involved and I know nothing about this,” said the Egyptian, while the Emirati said he issued a valid cheque and that all the documents he submitted were originals.

The victim’s nationality and age were not given.

The Egyptian will be deported after serving his term but both men can appeal the verdict within 15 days.


Engine: Two-litre four-cylinder turbo
Power: 235hp
Torque: 350Nm
Transmission: Nine-speed automatic
Price: From Dh167,500 ($45,000)
On sale: Now

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