Man who swallowed 1kg of drugs loses appeal against jail term

Traveller agreed to smuggle crystal meth into the UAE in exchange for cash

A man who swallowed 63 capsules of crystal meth has lost his appeal against a seven-year prison sentence.  
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A man who swallowed more than a kilogram of crystal meth in a bid to smuggle the drugs into the UAE has lost an appeal against his jail term.

The 40 year old had digested dozens of capsules of the illicit substance in exchange for $2,000 (Dh7,346), Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The smuggling effort was thwarted when customs officials at Dubai International Airport grew suspicious of his behaviour when he landed on July 31 last year on a visit visa.

He was asked to go through an X-Ray machine, which revealed the stash of drugs in his system.

“He was tense and sweating, and when I asked a question he just couldn’t talk.  I felt something was wrong,” an Emirati inspector told prosecutors.

He was taken into custody before sent to hospital, where 63 capsules containing 1.07kg of crystal meth were found in his stomach.

During police questioning, the accused admitted carrying the drugs in return for the cash sum.

“He said he was promised to receive the money once he handed the drugs to a man in Dubai,” said a policeman.

The man was given a seven-year jail term after being convicted of smuggling drugs to sell.

He launched an appeal against his sentence, which has been rejected. He must also pay a Dh50,000 fine.