Italy on board for Expo 2020 Dubai with nautical design

Italy's pavilion design will feature the hulls of three ships

Italy is all set make waves at Expo 2020 Dubai - thanks to a dazzling pavilion design featuring the hulls of three ships.

Preparations are gathering pace for the landmark event, with 192 nations set to put their culture, creativity and achievements on display for the world to see.

The iconic world fair will be hosted in the Middle East for the very first time, from October 2020 until April 10 the following year, with 25 million visitors expected to flock to the emirate.

Expo is a global celebration of innovation, inventions and human ingenuity which is held every five years, lasting for six months.

The first Expo was held in London back in 1851.

Italy has announced that its pavilion structure will be covered by the hulls of three ships, raised and painted in the colours of the Italian flag.