Police rescue woman in labour caught in Sharjah rush hour traffic

The woman's husband called police after he and his wife became stuck in traffic en route to a hospital in Dubai

A screen grab from a video shared by Sharjah Police shows how police helped lead a woman in labour out of heavy traffic in Sharjah to a hospital in Dubai. Courtesy Sharjah Police
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A woman in labour became stuck in heavy traffic in Sharjah while en route to a hospital in Dubai and had to be rescued by police.

The Asian woman's husband was driving her to Zulekha Hospital after she went into labour early on Thursday morning.

After getting caught in heavy traffic, the husband called Sharjah Police for assistance.

Working with Dubai Police, the Department of Traffic and Patrols in Sharjah issued an order to clear the roads so that a patrol car could lead the couple to the hospital safely.

In a video shared on Sharjah Police's Instagram account the husband says police arrived within just two or three minutes of his call.

Once police got to the car they saw that the woman was further along into labour then first anticipated.

An officer called the hospital to arrange her immediate transfer to a birthing room upon their arrival.

The healthy baby was born safely and the family thanked police for their help.

"Ilhamdullilah, the baby and my family are safe," the husband said.