Abu Dhabi launches major vaccination and testing drive in Mussaffah

The campaign was rolled out on Thursday to support efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19

Abu Dhabi launched an extensive vaccination and testing drive in Mussaffah on Thursday.

The initiative is part of the capital's wide-ranging strategy to limit the spread of the virus.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee approved the scheme, which will be gradually implemented in specific areas of Mussaffah without causing disruption to commercial activities.

"The committee calls on the public to fully co-operate with concerned authorities and to demonstrate flexibility in dealing with the procedures to ensure the rapid completion of the campaign and in the interests of public health," said a statement released by Abu Dhabi Media Office.

It comes close to a year after Abu Dhabi completed a successful six-week testing campaign in Mussaffah, one of the most densely populated areas in the country.

About 570,000 residents were screened during a comprehensive door-to-door operation in which 2,730 buildings were checked and 260 housing complexes disinfected.

One million free meals were handed out and 750,000 face masks were delivered.

Officials said the effort led by medics and police had "fully contained the spread of the virus".

The campaign was put in place after Mussaffah, home to hundreds of thousands of labourers and shop staff, was identified a potential area of significant infection should the virus spread.

Move supports Abu Dhabi's Covid-19 strategy

Authorities said the vaccination and testing scheme was part of the emirate's four-pronged strategy to combat Covid-19, focusing on vaccination, active contract tracings, safe entry and adopting preventive measures.

On Wednesday, officials announced the use of a "green pass" on the UAE's Al Hosn app to manage entry into a number of public venues.

It will be used for access to shopping malls and large supermarkets, gyms, hotels and facilities within, public parks and beaches, private beaches and swimming pools, entertainment centres, cinemas, museums, restaurants and cafes.

The regulations will come into force from Tuesday, June 15.

Green status can only be secured through a negative PCR test, but will last longer if you have received one or two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine.