Hammer attacker ‘trapped by cards’

Speaking to the FNC, Sheikh Saif bin Zayed reveals how police in the UAE assisted the Metropolitan Police in capturing the suspected perpetrators in the attack on three Emirati sisters at the Cumberland Hotel.

ABU DHABI // The man accused of attacking three Emirati sisters with a hammer in their London hotel room was arrested after UAE police tracked credit cards stolen in the attack.

“We called the bank here and told them to allow full credit on the cards and not to block any purchases,” Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, the Minister of Interior and Deputy Prime Minister, told the FNC yesterday.

When the cards were used in London stores police notified their counterparts in the UK about the timings and locations.

“The shops had CCTV cameras. The person who committed the crime did not go himself to buy the items, but through the people he sent they were able to reach him,” said Sheikh Saif.

The Ministry of Interior has sent social workers to London to provide psychological support to the victims and their children.

Khuloud Al Najjar, 36, and her sisters Ohoud, 34, and Fatima, 31, were attacked in their room in the Cumberland Hotel in central London in the early hours of April 6. Four people have been charged over the incident. They will next appear in court on July 3.


Published: May 6, 2014 04:00 AM