Watch: Sharjah Ruler talks to young Emirati girl about life and work

10-year girl wishes Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi good health during a tender interaction

The Ruler of Sharjah spent some time talking to a 10-year-old Emirati girl about work, mortality and life.

Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi posted the heartwarming interaction on Instagram.

In the video, young Rayan Al Khori watches curiously as Sheikh Dr Sultan is busy signing certificates on a large table in the palace.

When the Sharjah Ruler mentions they could meet over official papers after a few decades, the child replies that she may not be alive then.

Ms Al Khori is taken aback after Sheikh Dr Sultan says, “Of course you will be. You are still young. Me? I don’t think I will be alive.”

She quickly makes a wish and prays for God to keep him in the best of health.

Sheikh Dr Sultan posted photographs of his meeting with Ms Al Khori and the visuals have been repeatedly shared on social media.

The young girl from Khorfakkan was invited to meet the Sharjah Ruler after she said she was keen to meet him in a media interview.

Her family had watched a film at the newly launched Khorfakkan amphitheatre.

She later told a television channel she wanted to thank the Sharjah Ruler for all he had done for the emirate.

Ms Al Khori then told the reporter she hoped the Ruler of Sharjah would see her video message since although she longed to meet him, she did not know if she could reach him.

Ms Al Khori’s wish came true when she received an invitation from the palace.

There is a long tradition of the  UAE's Rulers meeting citizens and residents in the community.


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