Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 26 November 2020

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid comes to aid of fallen cyclist

Dubai Ruler helps Emirati cyclist after she falls over during a competition

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid rushed to the aid of a cyclist during the bicycle racing competition on Wednesday.

In a video posted on Twitter, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai can be seen helping up Emirati cyclist, Anan Al Amri, from the Al Wathba Team, after she fell over.

He leans over to check on her, helping her off her bike and quickly grabs a tissue from his pocket for a graze on her face.

It is not the first time Sheikh Mohammed, an avid cyclist himself, came to the aid of a member of the public.

In March last year, he helped a group of friends tow their car after it became stuck in the desert sand.

Hanna Karen Arroyo posted her thanks to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid on Twitter, saying he had stopped in his white Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and gave her and her friends a hand.

She shared pictures of a young Emirati attaching a tether between the Ruler's car and her Honda Pilot 4x4.

The car appeared to have its front wheels partially stuck in sand just off a two-lane road.

Hanna and her two friends were photographed with Sheikh Mohammed afterwards.

But rescuing those in need has become something of a tradition for the Royal Family.

In 2017, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, helped the driver of a tipper lorry who was stranded in the desert.

Sheikh Hamdan and his Mercedes-AMG G63 joined a line of vehicles that moved the tipper lorry out of the rut.

Updated: January 16, 2020 02:28 PM

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