Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed pray for peace and prosperity on Prophet's birthday

UAE leaders paid tribute to the Prophet on the auspicious day

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, prayed for peace and prosperity for all on the eve of the Prophet's birthday.

“On the anniversary of the birth of our Prophet Mohammed, may God bless him and grant him peace,” tweeted Sheikh Mohammed.

He said the birth anniversary of the Prophet was a reminder of his love, light and his mercy to the world.

“The blessed birth of the Messenger of compassion, tolerance and peace. He laid the foundations of a righteous society and inspired a virtuous civilisation. His life continues to inspire mercy and kindness, and we pray on this day for peace and prosperity for all humankind,” said Sheikh Mohamed.

Prophet Mohammed's birthday is an important and auspicious day for Muslims.

It is celebrated with religious lectures and recitals of verses from the Quran. Mosques across the UAE will be beautifully lit up to mark this important day.

Public and private sector workers across the UAE have been granted a day off on Thursday to celebrate the Prophet's birthday.

Work will resume on Sunday, November 1.