Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed praises Sharjah officer who helped stranded motorist

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi said Sgt Ahmed Al Hammadi was an exemplary officer

Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed praised a Sharjah Police officer who came to the aid of an elderly driver who broke down on a busy motorway.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces said Sgt Ahmed Al Hammadi was an exemplary officer and public servant.

The patrolman came to the rescue of Zein Al Abideen, whose vehicle malfunctioned and came to a sudden halt on Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road in Sharjah last week.

The 12-lane highway is one of the busiest in the country and connects Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

"Being helpful and benevolent are values rooted in the UAE society," Sheikh Mohamed wrote.

"We praise what Ahmed Hassan Al Hammadi from Sharjah Police has done for the driver of the vehicle, who expressed with kind words his appreciation and gratitude.

"Al Hammadi is a model in this kind land. I thank them both and praise every person who loyally serves people and represents the values of their community."

Last week, Mr Al Abideen, who is from Sudan and has worked in the UAE for 25 years, called a Sharjah radio station to thank the officer publicly.

He was driving over a section of bridge when his engine suddenly stopped.

“Seconds later, the patrol car stopped to protect me from other vehicles on the road, then he [the officer] asked me how he can help,” he said.

“I swear that not more than a minute passed and the recovery vehicle arrived. The officer called over its driver, I didn’t know why, but I saw them speaking for few seconds."

The recovery vehicle driver told Mr Al Abideen that Sgt Al Hammadi had paid the cost of towing his car.

“Emiratis are made of this land’s soil, a soil that is mixed with mercy,” Mr Al Abideen said.

Al Hammadi joined the police force in 2009.

“What I have done is my duty,” he said in a Sharjah Police news release.

“I provided him with the help he needed. Providing help that would bring happiness to others is our duty,” he said.

Sgt Al Hammadi, who was reunited with Mr Al Abideen for a photograph at the weekend, was also praised by his force.

"Al Hammadi is an honourable model for police officers, and his act reflects our dedication to the job," Sharjah Police chief Maj Gen Saif Al Shamsi said.

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