Citizenship of UAE granted to 26 people

The Ministry of Interior awarded UAE citizenship to 26 people whose mothers are Emirati.

ABU DHABI // The Ministry of Interior awarded UAE citizenship to 26 people whose mothers are Emirati, during a ceremony in Abu Dhabi.

The initiative was in line with a federal decree issued by the President, Sheikh Khalifa, which contributes to the country’s development and provides the families with psychological and social security and stability, said Brig Saeed Al Rashidi, the ministry’s director general of naturalisation.

Brig Al Rashidi thanked Sheikh Khalifa for his generosity, saying it reflects UAE leaders’ esteem for Emirati mothers and their key role in teaching their children to love and show affiliation for their country.

Brig Al Rashidi also called on the new citizens to set an example of good citizenship and preserve the country’s reputation, maintain its honour, reflect its cultural values and abide by its laws.

He asked them to respect Arab customs and traditions, as well as the value of forgiveness taught in Islam, which characterises the Emirati community.

The new citizens received their family book and citizenship, which Brig Al Rashidi described as symbols of their belonging and allegiance to the UAE and its leadership.

The Ministry of Interior said the decision granted women “one of their most important rights, namely passing on their nationality to their eligible children”.

UAE citizenship could only be passed on through the father prior to the President’s decree made in 2011, which allowed children of Emirati women married to non-Emiratis to apply for citizenship when they reach the age of 18.

Published: September 8, 2016 04:00 AM