Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid says some ministries have low productivity

Vice President calls on officials to do more with the resources available to them

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A number of UAE government departments and ministries are not productive enough, given the people and financial resources they have at their disposal, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has said.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai made the comments in a tweet after chairing a Cabinet meeting in Abu Dhabi.

“Some bodies and ministries still have low productivity, in relation to the human and financial resources available to them,” he said.

“A real leader is one who doubles the volume, value and productivity of the human energies within his powers and vice versa.”

Sheikh Mohammed said he was briefed on a project by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources to measure productivity among public departments.

He has previously named departments that have offered poor customer service and productivity, and those with poor digital services.

There are already plans to upskill large numbers of government workers, which Sheikh Mohammed said was being examined.

Consumer goods prices

Sheikh Mohammed said officials are looking at the prices that are set by the government for essential consumer goods.

He did not elaborate but price controls are credited with keeping inflation in the Emirates lower than in many Western nations. Private school fees have been frozen since 2019, while rent controls are in place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Supermarkets must sell items such as cooking oil, eggs, fresh milk, rice, sugar, fresh poultry, bread, flour and cleaning detergent at a rate set by the authorities.

Inflation is projected to reach 5.6 per cent in 2022, according to the UAE Central Bank, compared to about 9 to 10 per cent in the UK and US.

Governments heads to meet

Following a meeting of ministers at Qasr Al Watan, the presidential palace, he said that 500 senior officials from across the government would meet on November 22 - 23.

The meeting is an annual event at which the country's priorities are set.

“The objective is to review the performance during the previous year, and to agree on our most important development projects at the national level for the next year,” he said.

Sheikh Mohammed said further decisions were made, including approving a proposal for the UAE to join the Global Alliance for Green Economy, announced during the World Green Economy Summit in Dubai in September.

It is a coalition of countries for whom climate action and sustainable development are top priorities.

Sheikh Mohammed said the move was key “in preparation for the UAE to host the Cop28 conference next year”, which will be held at Expo City Dubai.

“We wish our sister nation Egypt great success in the current session,” he said.

Looking back at the coronavirus pandemic, Sheikh Mohammed thanked people who work for the government's emergency and crisis authorities, along with medical personnel, for their essential work.

Updated: November 14, 2022, 11:34 AM