Fujairah pupils march to celebrate UAE's National day

A parade was held in Fujairah on Tuesday to celebrate the UAE's 46th National Day

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More than 200 pupils from schools across Fujairah came together on Tuesday to join officials in a parade to express their love and loyalty to the UAE ahead of National Day this weekend.

Pupils from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools gathered in front of Al Diwan Al Amiri – the Fujairah Government offices - to take part in the loyalty march.

Spectators lined the streets to watch as children wielding UAE flags, which they waved furiously, and dressed in a myriad of school uniforms, military clothes and national dress, the walked 1.5km to Fujairah Cultural centre.

“The festive atmosphere and seeing a lot of people gathered here to celebrate the country is what I liked most about today’s march,” said Ahmad Al Salami, a 17-year-old Emirati pupil from Emirates Private School as he clutched a home-made banner congratulating the country on its national day.

“We feel happy and proud that not only Emiratis are participating in this event but also our friends from different nationalities are taking part and showing their love to the country,” he said.

His colleague said they joined the parade to celebrate unity and show their love and loyalty to the country and its leaders

“We raised our flag up high and walked together as one, we hold the country in our hearts as we are here to celebrate the country’s continuance achievements and show our love and loyalty to our leaders,” said Abdullah Abdulaziz, 17.


Abdulrahman Al Ghayesh, center,  from Egypt, a student at Emirates  Private School, marches at the parade.
Al Fujairah began it's UAE National Day celebrations with a national parade.

(Photo by Reem Mohammed/The National)

Reporter:  Ruba Haza
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Abdulrahman Al Ghayesh, center, from Egypt, a student at Emirates Private School, marches at the parade in Fujairah. Reem Mohammed / The National

Saleh Al Houitat from Jordan expressed similar sentiments, saying he took part to express his appreciation for the country he calls home.

"This country is my home and this special occasion means a lot to all of us no matter what country we come from, here we are united," said Saleh, 16.

Members of Fujairah’s Civil Defence and a marching band also took part in the parade as and balloons in the colours of the UAE flag were released. Outside the Fujairah Cultural Centre, a string of Emirati men danced to traditional music.

Dana Al Ali, a pupil of Al Bahr School, said it was the second time she takes part in a parade celebrating UAE National Day.

“I’m proud of my country and its accomplishments and to participate in the celebrations is the least we can do, we celebrate also at school and at home with our family by cooking traditional food and sweets, decorate the house with UAE flags and invite relatives and friends to join and celebrate the country with us,” the eleven-year-old girl said.

Lights, decorations and flags have been installed along the streets of the emirate to mark the UAE’s 46th National Day. Meanwhile Fujairah Police are preparing to secure all community activities and organise traffic ahead of the weekend’s festivities.


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