Former US Vice President Dick Cheney to speak at Dubai forum

Cheney will take part in discussion in the annual Arab Strategy Forum

Former vice president of the United States Dick Cheney speaks at the Global Business Summit in the Indian capital New Delhi on March 27, 2017. (Photo by MONEY SHARMA / AFP)

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney headline the Arab Strategy Forum in Dubai next week.

Mr Cheney, who served under US President George W Bush from 2001-2009, will discuss the future direction of relations between China and the US alongside former Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing.

The pair are among 18 keynote speakers who will be attending the event, in its 12th year, on December 9.

“With our current geopolitical and economic context as a starting point, the Arab Strategy Forum will hear from prominent political and economic figures and their forecasts for the future in the region, and globally,” said Mohammad Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, and chairman of the forum’s organising committee.

“In the coming decade, we expect to witness the consequences and changes from many of the important events and social transformations developing around us today.”

The annual forum examines the major social, political and economic factors that are expected to shape the Arab world in the near future.

This year’s event carries the theme “Forecasting the Next Decade”, and will discuss the potential effects of politics, socio-economic frameworks, international relationships and diplomacy on the region.

“Knowledge, leadership and practical solutions are essential in being prepared for the years ahead, and a sustainable and steady future — all of which we will see and hear at this year's edition of the Arab Strategy Forum,” said Mr Al Gergawi.

“The Forum presents today’s challenges and opportunities to the world’s leading decision-makers who can address them in a precise, balanced and politically-scientific manner, so we can best learn how to anticipate, manage and maintain sociopolitical equilibrium in the region and beyond.”

He said tackling the big issues facing our world was paramount to bringing about greater harmony and unity.

“It is testament to the UAE’s continuous efforts to spread a culture of tolerance and coexistence by forecasting and preparing for the future.”

In addition to the panel discussions and keynote speeches, three reports will be issued during the forum — The Future of Islamism, 2030 Global Trends and 11 Questions for the Next Decade.