Flights delayed and diverted as fog returns to haunt the UAE

The weather hit flights again as the fog rolled into the Emirates, also prompting official warnings for drivers to slow down and use caution on the morning commute.

After a brief reprieve the UAE was battling with the fog again as flights were hit by diversions and delays and the morning commute became a crawl.

Dubai Airport has reported that they have had to divert three flight due to weather, and ten flights have been delayed because of the heavy fog. They didn't have any details as to the length of the delay.

Abu Dhabi Airport officials released a statement saying that this morning's heavy fog had a minor impact on aircraft movement at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Eight flights were diverted to Al Ain International Airport and one flight was diverted to Dubai.

"Operation at the airport is normal and all flights are currently departing and landing as per their existing or revised schedules," an Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) statement said. Ras Al Khaimah Airport had just one Air Arabia flight this morning, the flight arrived on time.

Once again the police in Dubai and Abu Dhabi took to twitter to warn drivers to take care as the dense mist settled throughout the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Police advised: "Low visibility due to fog formation on different parts in Abu Dhabi and high ways. Motorists are urged to take extra caution." That warning was echoed in Dubai where police there tweeted just after midnight: "There is fog on Bypass Roadd and Dubai-Al Ain Road. Please drive carefully and safely."

Motorists were urged again to switch on their fog lights and use low-beam headlights, slow down and avoid the temptation to use hazard lights or high beams.

Dubai's Road Transport Authority tweeted: "Leave distance between your car and the car in front of you and turn on your fog lights."

Dubai Police were called to 71 accident scenes in various parts of the emirate this morning, and its emergency call centre received 806 calls during the fog. Dubai Police didn't mention how severe the accidents were or if they resulted in any injuries.

It wasn't just the roads which were hit by the mist as Emirates Golf Club tweeted: "First morning of practice ahead of the Omega Dubai Desert Classic and it's a foggy start to the day! Fog rolls in."

Meanwhile posted: "Abu Dhabi seems like a haunted city with this fog."

The fog was also reported to be especially dense in Ras Al Khaimah with some drivers struggling to find their cars in the mists.

Marianne Tremblay summed up the situation with her tweet: "Crazy fog in RAK this morning."

The National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has urged motorists to be more cautious while driving due to the fog, Wam reported. The centre urged motorists to reduce speed and keep a safe distance between vehicles to avoid collisions.