Fisherman must see out life sentence for killing colleague, Dubai court rules

In an earlier hearing, the Dubai Criminal Court convicted Indian A R, 34, of the premeditated murder of M P on August 15, 2014. Prosecutors said A R stabbed M P in the chest, abdomen and ear with a kitchen knife.

DUBAI // A fisherman who was jailed for life for fatally stabbing a colleague while drunk was ordered to serve his full sentence by the Dubai Court of Appeal.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted A R, a 34-year-old Indian, of murdering M P on August 15, 2014. A R stabbed M P in the chest, abdomen and ear with a kitchen knife.

“The victim did not try to assault him [A R]. I heard A R insulting the victim. When the victim asked him to stop, he just walked towards a shelf where there were knives and forks,” said R J, a fisherman who witnessed the murder onboard a boat.

“He picked up a knife and stabbed the man three times. When the victim fell to the ground, he tried to stab him again but we restrained him.”

R J said the incident took place at about 7pm on a boat that was docked at Al Hamriya in Bur Dubai.

Policemen and ambulance workers arrived to find A R sitting on the boat and M P bleeding heavily. He died on the way to hospital.

A R will be deported after serving his prison sentence, which was set at 25 years.