Amazon experience awaits as Brazil prepares to make a splash at Expo 2020 Dubai

Brazil’s pavilion promises visitors a unique sensory experience

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Brazil's $30 million pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai will be completed by the end of the month and organisers are ready to make a big splash at the global event.

The South American team promise an experience to invigorate the senses and which will celebrate the best of Brazil.

Visitors can dip their feet in ankle-deep water that surrounds the two-storey building while watching vibrant images of the lush Amazon rainforest or keep dry in the sections that will host the main exhibition.

When you go inside, you see water on every side
Elias Martins Filho, commissioner general for Brazil

“The pavilion is like an immense cube floating in the water,” Elias Martins Filho, commissioner general for the Brazil pavilion, told The National.

“When you go inside, you see water on every side, but the visitor can also walk on the dry areas.

“We intend to offer a sensory experience, so they can see Brazil, feel the water on their feet and see beautiful scenes.

“And in the evening when the sun goes down, the pavilion will come alive with lights and videos.”

A steel frame holds a translucent membrane on to which 125 projectors will beam video and photographs of the tropical jungles for a 360-degree immersive experience.

Water will be pumped to the surface from five underground tanks and a chiller will ensure the temperature stays cool.

The Brazil pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will appear as a cube floating in water.

The water will be potable, filtered and regularly tested to ensure sanitary conditions are met.

“We intend people to touch the water so they must have contact with clean water,” he said.

“So we are renewing the water and rotating it from the tanks.

“We will test the water to maintain sanitation but also so the temperature remains cool.

“We want people to relax and enjoy the environment.”

Countries are racing to complete work on structures to host guests during the six-month World Expo that begins in October in Dubai.

The open-plan architecture was devised long before the Covid-19 pandemic and the organisers hope to draw in people who now prefer to spend time in outdoor areas without air conditioning.

Social distancing rules will be followed across the 4,000-square-metre pavilion, with limits on the number allowed entry at any one time. Family groups will be permitted together and physical distancing maintained in an authentic Brazilian restaurant inside the building.

The exhibition inside the building will constantly change and take visitors beyond the Amazon to big cities, historic sites and carnivals.

There was a 30 per cent increase in the budget caused by the one-year delay but organisers were optimistic about Dubai’s plan to drive business with large events scheduled across the Expo grounds.

“We believe it will bring us business opportunities because Dubai has prepared its Expo to also be a business platform,” Mr Filho said.

“Many big events will happen in parallel to the Universal Exposition, so that will put us in the middle of an environment to bring our companies to meet investors. We hope businesses will use this platform to expand in the region. It will be a very big opportunity.”

Updated: August 05, 2021, 10:29 AM