UAE weather: It could rain, but no storm

Blowing dust over some exposed areas

Today’s partly cloudy and hazy weather could result in some clouds becoming convective causing rainfall at times.

Despite rainfall yesterday across different areas of the country, there has been no indication by weather officials that the deadly cyclone Mekunu will reach the UAE.

The cyclone has already killed at least ten people since Thursday.

The speed of Mekunu’s wind had reached up to 180 km/hr, as it approached Salalah in Oman Friday night.

However, wind speed in the UAE is expected to remain today between 15 – 32 km/hr in coastal areas, 16 – 30 km/hr in internal areas, and 16 – 30 km/hr over the mountains.

The winds will remain light to moderate, freshening at times, yet causing some blowing dust over exposed areas.

However, anyone heading out to sea should not worry as movement in both the Arabian Gulf and Oman sea will remain slight to moderate.