UAE weather: Dust and sand in forecast as temperatures reach mid to upper-40s

In Dubai, 44°C is forecast, while in Abu Dhabi it will be 46°C

Temperatures in parts of the UAE will reach the upper-40s on Sunday, with blowing dust and sand forecast.

In Dubai, the temperature will hit a 44°C maximum, and in Abu Dhabi it will reach 46°C.
Along the coast and islands, the maximum is likely to be 44°C, with 85 per cent humidity, and over the mountains it is expected to hit 38°C, with 65 per cent humidity.

In the interior, temperatures are set to reach 48°C, with up to 80 per cent humidity.

The National Centre of Meteorology said Sunday would be dusty with some cloud during the day.

Low cloud will appear in the morning over the east coast, with a chance of rainy convective clouds forming and extending to some inland areas by afternoon.
There will be light to moderate winds, freshening at times, becoming strong, and carrying dust and sand.
The sea will be slight to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and Oman sea.