UAE weather: Dubai and Abu Dhabi set for showers

An unsettled spell may see thunder and lightning during the weekend

Strong winds caused havoc for high-rise workers in Dubai, as the UAE experienced more unsettled weather on Wednesday.

Abu Dhabi had rain and thunder during the morning, and the wet conditions were set to spread to Dubai.

The gusts caused several window cleaning platforms to smash into the side of a high-rise tower block in Dubai Marina, leaving workers suspended 67 floors up.

At least one apartment balcony on the 72nd floor of Sulafa Tower was damaged when a hanging cradle, which cleaners normally use to clean the outside of buildings, swayed wildly back and forth.

Dan Jarvis, a resident on the 74th floor, filmed the incident from his balcony just metres away.

"I was supposed to be working but the noise of the wind is horrific up here," he told The National.

“Two of the workers managed to get onto the balcony.

“I didn't see them jump out, it’s just a fair assumption as they are currently replacing the cladding on the whole buildling and they've been going past my balcony the past couple weeks.”

Civil Defence attended the scene and the two workers were safe.

“They have literally tied themselves to the building so they're not swinging," Mr Jarvis said.

The National Centre of Meteorology had earlier forecast "rainfall, convective clouds and blowing dust and sand amid winds reaching up to 45kph".

It confirmed moderate to heavy rain fell in the Al Dhafrah area during the morning, while light rain fell overnight in parts of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain.

The wet weather is forecast to continue during the next few days, with "some rainfall" forecast for Thursday and "a chance of lightning and thunder" on both Friday and Saturday, according to the NCM.

The country has seen a number of rainy days this month, and cloud seeding missions have been continuing.

April is considered one of the first transitional months and is characterised by swift changes in atmospheric conditions which bring an increase in cloud and chance of rain.

Temperatures have ramped up in recent days, reaching as high as 44°C in desert areas, and more than 40°C in cities as summer approaches. These temperatures are well above the average for April, which are normally in the mid-30s based on historical data.

The weather bureau expects thermometers to touch 40°C in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on Wednesday.

It will be moderate, becoming rough at times in the Arabian Gulf and in the Sea of Oman.