No end in sight for humidity in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - could reach 90 per cent in areas later this week

Levels expected to drop briefly on Tuesday before rising again, say forecasters

A  hazzy and humid morning on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 in central Abu Dhabi. Victor Besa / The National.
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There will be a brief respite from the hot and sticky weather in the UAE on Tuesday, before humidity climbs again in the following days, forecasters said.

Humidity is expected to reach up to 90 per cent in some parts in late afternoons and overnight later in the week.

Forecasters have said north-westerly winds have resulted in a rise in humidity in recent days.

The wind patterns will change on Tuesday, before reverting back later in the week – meaning more sticky nights and early mornings ahead, said Ahmed Habib, a forecaster at the National Centre of Meteorology.

“This time, starting in the summer, the temperature will increase,” he said.

“For the humidity, it will depend on the source of the air mass. Over the past few days, we have been affected by a north-westerly wind, which is coming from over the sea.

“If there is too much water vapour in this air mass, the humidity increases, especially in the late afternoon until morning.”

Temperatures could reach up to 42°C on the coast on Tuesday, as the wind direction changes.

“After that it will again be affected by a north-westerly wind, so the temperature will drop again on Wednesday, especially on the coast.

“But if you have a north-westerly wind, you know the relative humidity will increase," said Mr Habib. "This is the rule.”

Temperatures will remain in the high 30s on the coast throughout Thursday and Friday, before climbing to the low 40s on Saturday. It will be hotter inland, reaching up to 43°C in Al Ain on Friday.

But by the end of next week, temperatures could reach 45°C on the coast.

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