Success written in the stars as Abu Dhabi schoolgirl pens book on space

Vaishika Satheshwaran, 6, has high hopes of becoming an astronaut after becoming a published author

Vaishika Satheshwaran, a six-year-old pupil at The Pearl Academy in Abu Dhabi, who has had her first-ever book published. Courtesy: The Pearl Academy

A six-year-old schoolgirl is reaching for the stars after writing a book inspired by her dreams of space travel.

Vaishika Satheshwaran, a pupil at Pearl Academy in Abu Dhabi, longs to follow in the footsteps of her hero Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to walk in space.

While her friends are glued to cartoons, the Indian youngster spends hours watching videos from space agencies across the world.

The pupil wrote a 26-page book titled My Dream Journey to Space, in which a young girl, much like herself, takes a journey into space.

Her book is available on Amazon and copies have been sold in the US, UK, India, and the UAE.

“It has always been my dream to go to space and this book has allowed me to combine my two dreams of becoming an author and an astronaut," Vaishika said.

“My friends have been so supportive. One of my friends says she loves the book so much, she reads it every day.

"I can’t wait to start writing more books, which will all be about space and, most importantly, about gratitude and kindness."

Vaishika spends most of her time watching documentaries and reading books about space.

Her story takes readers on a journey into space, making facts exciting and memorable for all ages.

"This is the first book I have had published and it was my idea," she said.

"The book is about a little girl like myself who dreams of going to space.

"It narrates fun facts. For example, tears don’t fall in space and float around like a tiny tennis ball. Or, we can’t eat anything that has crumbs in space. For this reason, astronauts love to eat peanut butter."

The book is aimed at children aged between 6 and 10 who want to learn scientific facts such as what to take into space, how one lives and works in space, and how to carry out scientific experiments.

Vaishika, much like adult authors, did her research, watched documentaries and read four books on space before sitting down to write her book.

Vaishika Satheshwaran, a six-year-old pupil at The Pearl Academy in Abu Dhabi, who has had her first-ever book published. Courtesy: The Pearl Academy

Vaishika said she was inspired by the UAE’s mission to Mars.

Brindha Satheshwaran, Vaishika's mother, said her daughter started reading and writing at the age of four, and has not looked back since.

Vaishika has written five books so far, but this is the first to be published.

"This book is in her words. I am sure children between the ages of 5 and 10 will love it," Ms Satheshwaran said.

"She added all the facts that inspired her."

Vaishika's parents decided to publish the 26-page book themselves.

It is available on Amazon now and priced at Dh96 for a hardback book and Dh61 for a paperback.

Vaishika wrote the book by herself while her mother helped with spelling.

She said her science teacher helped her while her principal motivated her.

“I am so proud of this amazing achievement, as well as being a great book, it is a wonderful example of Vaishika's skill and determination," said Abigale Fishbourne, principal at The Pearl Academy.

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