Coronavirus: Indian curriculum school exams cancelled in UAE

Pupils need the grade for university admission and do not know on what criteria they will be assessed

08/03/10 - Abu Dhabi, UAE - Students at the Abu Dhabi Indian School take exams on Monday March 8, 2010.  For story on lack of places in Abu Dhabi Indian School.(Andrew Henderson/The National)

India's Central Board of Secondary Education has cancelled examinations for grades 10 and 12 in countries overseas, a move affecting thousands of UAE pupils.

The grade 12 examinations are the equivalent of A-levels and pupils need the grades to apply for entry to universities in India.

Pupils have not been informed of the criteria on which they will now be assessed or graded.

Out of 295,000 pupils at Dubai's private schools, nearly 80,000 attend Indian curriculum schools.

Earlier, the CBSE board had postponed examinations due to be held from March 19 to 31 and stated new dates were to be announced this month.

But the education has now confirmed it will not be "in a position" to hold tests conducted internationally due to the tight restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The majority of Indian schools in the Emirates follow the CBSE curriculum, while the rest study the Indian School Certificate Examinations.

The CBSE board conducts examinations in 25 countries across the globe.

"Each of these countries is under lockdown and/or have decided to close schools for various reasons," read a statement from CBSE.

"The board will not be in a position to hold different sets of exams in each of these countries. Also, in the present situation, it will be  difficult to bring the answer books to India for evaluation.

"The board has decided not to hold any more exams for the pupils in class 10 and 12 in schools located outside India."