Teachers in UAE asked to protect pupils from bullying and abuse under new code of conduct

Workers in the education sector must respect the cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the workplace

The Ministry of Education has released a code of conduct for educational institutions across the UAE. Ravindranath K / The National
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Teachers in the UAE have been told to protect pupils from bullying, neglect, exploitation and all kinds of abuse under new rules.

The Ministry of Education on Sunday approved the Code of Conduct for education professionals and has listed several principles, types of behaviour and ethics they should follow.

These include:

  • Protecting children from bullying, neglect, exploitation, and all kinds of abuse
  • Avoid disclosing confidential information about the pupils and their families
  • Encouraging positive values in pupils and students
  • Safeguarding them from ideas and behaviours that are deemed unacceptable in the UAE society
  • Promote principles of tolerance and acceptance of others
  • Encouraging pupils to take pride in the UAE’s journey of development and prosperity
  • Encourage them to actively participate in national activities and events
  • Avoid spreading false news and rumours
  • Refrain from committing any verbal or physical violence against other pupils under all circumstances
  • Demonstrate positive behaviour towards parents and the community. Respect the Emirati culture and traditions and regard the values of Islam

According to the code of conduct, workers in the education sector must respect the cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the workplace, and not commit behavioural or verbal offences against their colleagues, the educational institution or its employees.

They should not smoke or be under the influence of any unauthorised substances.

The rules also require all workers to dress appropriately in non-revealing clothing, respecting the traditions of the UAE.

Dr Ahmad Al Falasi, Minister of Education, said the code is a framework of the basic values and ethics that an educator must commit to.

“We are proud of our educational professions and we are keen to consolidate the values of the UAE society according to the directives of the wise leadership,” he said.

The rules apply to all public and private schools that follow the Ministry of Education curriculum. The new code of conduct also applies to all private schools in Dubai.

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Updated: September 05, 2022, 11:12 AM