Dubai Police rescue man stranded in desert

Another man was saved from drowning in Jumeirah

Dubai police managed to rescue a man who got stranded in the desert last night, and another who almost drowned in Jumeirah.

The man’s car got stuck in the sand near Al Lisaili area, and he could not move back or forth, said Dubai police on Friday.

So the man called police operations and they immediately carried out a search mission for him by helicopter. After surveying the area, they managed to spot his location and sent patrol cars to his rescue.

Two days ago, Dubai police also managed to save a European tourist from drowning near Kite Beach.

The man, in his fifties, was swimming when he got faced by tough currents and could not swim back to the beach.

“He got tired of resisting the waves, and the current kept pulling him deeper into the sea,” explained Lieut Col Ali Al Naqbi, head of the maritime rescue section in Dubai Ports Police. “He then started sinking down.”

One of the beachgoers saw him and called the emergency number 999.

“We always have patrols near Jumeirah, because it is very popular for beachgoers, so immediately a rescue boat and two divers made their way towards him.”

“And a rescue car also drove from the landside,” added the lieutenant colonel.

The two divers managed to pick him up from the bottom of the sea, where he had sunk. And as soon as they pulled him out of the water, he received first aid and recovered.

“The rescue process took two minutes; our response time should not exceed six minutes and we never broke that deadline, because we have many rescue stations and patrols on alert.”