Dubai government employee jailed for demanding bribe for favour

The Ministry of Environment and Water employee asked for Dh6,000 a month from a sales manager of an agricultural company in return for facilitating licensing procedures.

DUBAI // A Ministry of Environment and Water employee has been jailed for two years after being found guilty of seeking a bribe in return for facilitating licensing procedures for another company.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that last September, Egyptian M A, 59, asked for a monthly payment of Dh6,000 from an agricultural and veterinary business in return for favouring its application over others submitted by different companies.

Sales manager A G, 44, from Egypt, said that M A was one of the ministry employees he met to discuss obtaining licences for importing pesticides and medicinal chemicals from Europe and other countries.

A G said: “When we met he told me he was looking for extra work outside his job at the ministry then told me that he can work with us as a consultant and help us with the procedures at the ministry for a Dh6,000 salary on condition that no one knows about it.”

The next morning A G went to police and reported him.

Police told him to pretend to M A that he had agreed with his offer and would meet with him. Police tapped A G’s phone and listened in on his conversations with M A.

During one, A G offered M A Dh5,000 per month but he refused and demanded Dh8,000 as well as an annual flight home, an annual bonus and the opportunity to take a loan from the company.

Eventually, they agreed on Dh6,000 per month. He was arrested on September 24 as he was getting out of A G’s car after receiving his first payment.

M A was also fined Dh6,000 and will be deported after completing his jail term.

Published: May 5, 2014 04:00 AM