Drunk dog walker fined by Dubai court over parking row with neighbour

The 71-year-old New Zealander swore at his neighbour after finding her car blocking his path in Emirates Hills.

DUBAI // A 71-year-old New Zealander ended up in court after insulting a female neighbour because her car was blocking a path.

Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard how L W knocked on his Jordanian neighbour’s door in Emirates Hills on December 18 and swore at her.

“At about 5.30pm that day, I was walking my dog and saw the neighbour’s car parked on the pavement, so I knocked on their door,” he said.

“When the woman opened up, I told her that their car was on the pavement and blocking my way.”

After she slammed the door, he went home and wrote down her number plate before spotting her at the car.

“I tried to talk to her again but she again ignored me. So I took my dog back home and consumed alcohol,” L W said.

“I didn’t insult her with any inappropriate words ... and I wasn’t under the influence of alcohol when I met her.”

The Jordanian, N S, 36, told prosecutors the man repeatedly swore and she called police.

P A, an Indian worker doing maintenance at the woman’s house, testified L W screamed and kicked her car. He added he didn’t understand English.

L W was charged with illegal consumption of alcohol and with issuing insults. He was convicted and fined Dh3,000.


Published: May 7, 2014 04:00 AM