Woman asks for bail so she can marry to remain in UAE

A Sudanese woman has plans to marry an Emirati so she can remain in the country, court hears.

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ABU DHABI // A foreign woman asked for bail so she could marry her Emirati boyfriend and remain in the UAE legally, a court heard today.

S, who is currently in prison, pleaded guilty to charges of not paying rental car fees and staying in the country after her visa was cancelled.

The Sudanese woman told the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals that she paid off the rental fees, but did not have the papers to prove so.

She said her visa was cancelled after her divorce a year ago from another Emirati man.

S urged the judge to give her bail so her soon-to-be husband could sponsor her. She also asked the judge to hold proceedings until the man appeared in court.

The intended groom and the woman's brother arrived before court ended.

The case was adjourned until August 26.