Teenage maid fined for suicide bid in Dubai in second case within week

Suicidal teenage maid is fined Dh1,000 for trying to hang herself from a tree, barely a week after a similar case prompted a public outcry.

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DUBAI // A teenage maid who tried to hang herself was today fined Dh1,000 - barely a week after a similar verdict prompted public cries of sympathy.

The Ethiopian maid, 18, picked up a rope and went to the garden of her sponsor's villa in Al Barsha on September 2 and hanged herself from a tree.

Another Ethiopian maid at the house, MS, 23, saw her convulsing body and grabbed the maid to support her weight, then screamed for help.

The sponsor's family rushed from the house and brought the maid down before police arrived.

"I wanted to end my life so I could finally be at peace," she told the Misdemeanours Court.

She said her family in Ethiopia had been abusive and sent her to work in the UAE against her will.

She said she did not like working as a maid but was scared of being sent back to her country.

Killing herself seemed to be the only way to avoid that, she said.

Her Emirati sponsor MA, 44, said the maid, who had been in the UAE for two months, had never shown signs of depression.

She confessed to attempted suicide and was fined Dh1,000.

Last week another Ethiopian maid who was fined Dh1,000 for attempted suicide prompted readers to contact The National offering to pay her fine.

But court sources said she had been released after it was decided the time she had spent in jail cancelled out the fine.