Man 'knocks policeman off his motorbike for staring at female passenger'

Motorist assaults officer and breaks his nose, court hears

A motorist knocked a policeman off his motorcycle then punched him in the face because he thought the officer was looking at the woman in his passenger seat, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

On December 30, 2017, the Emirati off-duty policeman, 32, was driving his motorbike, in plain clothes, on Al Safa Road when he looked back to check on his friend, who was also on a motorbike but was a new driver.

An Emirati man in a car behind the policeman thought he was looking at his female passenger and became angry.

At the next red light, the motorist, 26, confronted the policeman, who tried to explain that he was merely checking on his friend. Unconvinced, the man drove into the policeman, knocking him off his motorcycle.

“The 400-kilogram bike landed on my leg then the accused stepped out of his car, approached me and started punching me on the head until he smashed my helmet,” said the policeman.

The man continued his assault until he broke the policeman’s nose, and then drove off.

“I fainted and awoke to find myself in an ambulance,” said the policeman.

A number of motorists who witnessed the incident told police that the officer did not initiate the assault and was unable to defend himself against the accused’s blows.

Court records did not disclose how police tracked the motorist down but in court on Sunday, the accused denied charges of physical assault that caused a permanent disability and damaging property.

The next hearing is scheduled for April 7.

Updated: March 24, 2019 03:37 PM