Inmate must pay for uniform of officer he assaulted

He is accused of resisting guard who asked him to step back in line at a detention centre.

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DUBAI // An unemployed expatriate detained in Al Rashidiya police station assaulted a police officer and tore his uniform, a court ruled this morning.

YB, 20, from Morocco, was sentenced to two months in prison and must pay Dh128.50, the cost of repairing the uniform.

"It didn't happen," YB told the court.

Records show that on the morning of November 9, 2010, as he waited to be transferred from the Rashidiya detention centre, YB walked out of the queue.

Corporal FA, 28, Emirati, asked him to return to line, but he refused and insulted FA. The officer said he then tried to handcuff YB, but the inmate pushed him and tore his uniform.

YB said he returned to line as soon as the officer asked him to.

"He insulted me and my colleagues with words in his Moroccan accent," FA said.

YB, however, said during prosecution investigations that FA took him to a room next to the clinic and beat him unconscious.

YB will be deported after his prison term.