Driver jailed for molesting employer's daughter

Man touched girl twice while driving her and her elder sister home

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A driver who sexually assaulted his employer’s daughter, 7, will spend a year in prison.

On May 12, the Indian accused, 34, was driving the girl and her sister, 9, to their home in Al Barsha.

“It was nearly 1pm and I was in the passenger’s seat next to the driver when he touched me,” the victim told prosecutors.

Her elder sister said she screamed at the driver, told him to remove his hand and slapped him but he only laughed.

The next day, the driver told the younger sister to sit on his lap so he could teach her to drive. When the girl refused, he molested her again.

At home, the elder sister told their parents what happened.

“She told us she slapped the driver but we didn’t know what he had done,” their mother said.

They told their daughters they should not slap a man their father’s age but, after learning about the assault, the parents called police.

At Dubai Criminal Court this month, the driver denied a charge of sexual assault.

But on Monday he was convicted and sentenced to a year in jail followed by deportation.