Dh1 million bank deposit lands innocent woman in UAE jail

A woman arrested after depositing Dh1 million in her bank account will not face criminal charges.

The Central Bank contacted the police because the woman only earned a monthly salary of Dh8,000 and they were suspicious as to how she could have come by such an amount.

The woman was assigned by her company to deposit the money and was given an official document of authorisation, but spent two nights in jail before appearing before prosecutors in Abu Dhabi and showing them the documents.




2pm: Maiden Dh 60,000 (Dirt) 1,400m

2.30pm: Handicap Dh 76,000 (D) 1,400m

3pm: Handicap Dh 64,000 (D) 1,200m

3.30pm: Shadwell Farm Conditions Dh 100,000 (D) 1,000m

4pm: Maiden Dh 60,000 (D) 1,000m

4.30pm: Handicap 64,000 (D) 1,950m

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